Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grub Club: Restaurant Review

Calcutta has always been a good momo hunting ground. Momo Plaza and Momo Palace at Bhowanipore - two seemingly no-frills eateries - serve the best momos in town, and are a favourite with most college students stopping over for lunch, or for office goers on their way back home looking for a quick snack. The Tibetan restaurant at Park Circus, near Lady Brabourne College and National Medical College (i forget the name... Trinayan? Protyayan?) is also a hit with momo-lovers.

Yesterday, while strolling by Golpark, I spotted Grub Club, a roadside food joint that did not even boast of an air conditioner, and instead, had an asbestos roof. A tree grew right out of the middle of the restaurant (I'm happy they didn't chop it down to make for more space), and the place looked warm and friendly. My friend said it served good momos, so I had just to give it a try.

The decor of the restaurant is quasi-Sino-Tibetan, with red lanterns and dragon paintings scattered all over. But at Rs 32 for a plate of six steamed chicken momos, it doesn't get much better than this. The place has a very 'affordable-teen-joint-hangout' feel to it, and allows smoking indoors. All plus points. The momos were good, the only negative was that the flour wrappers were a little too thick, and the chicken filling a little too mild. But the Grub Club is definitely worth a visit.

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dharmabum said...

sounds like a great deal. and smoking allowed u say, how much better can it get?